Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daily Thoughts on Dating & Marriage

I have a quasi- theory that men tend to excercise their dating options more often & throughly than women overall? Do you agree?

Also, here's a random poll for my married guys ---How did you know she was the one?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Real Life Bride with Flavor : Meet The Beran- Steach Family

What I love most about my business, is that sometimes I meet brides who can & do think outside of the white dress! lol. Ms. Angela was the type of client I love working with --she basically gave me creative license to create something beautiful for her wedding. She found me on Etsy.com, and orginally wanted the ivory & white bouquet I have listed. But after I saw her custom-made dress by the popular indie wedding dress designer Wai Ching, I knew I had to step up her bouquet a notch. I mean seriously! So we chatted a little, and we came up with the idea of using handpainted calla lilies in her bouquet! I ended up painting each calla lily to match the bottom hem of her dress, so her bouquet & Joes boutineere would have a pop of color. The bridemaids had simple, but elegant callas with two rosebuds. Note the convertible dress that her bridesmaids can wear in multiple ways -for use after the wedding! LOVE IT! All in all, I created the flowers for the bride & groom, the entire wedding party & the parents- it was loads of fun! Here's a few pics from Angela & Joes wedding -hope you enjoy!

Bride & Groom Names:
Joseph Beran & Angela Steach

Location & date of wedding:
Omni Austin Hotel-Downtown
Austin, Texas
Saturday, October 16, 2010

Describe your WedStyle :
Simple, but classy. A blend of vintage and modern vibes.

My favorite moment:
Saying hi and talking with everyone during the cocktail hour and during the reception. But I really liked our first dance, cause it felt like the only private moment with Joe to say silly jokes until that night after all the activities were over.

Wedding advice to Brides 2 Be:
Breathe, breathe, breathe. Try your hardest to get some rest and sleep. If you don't want to see each other before the bride walks down the aisle, plan out pictures accordingly. Something will go wrong and not according to plan. Try your best to roll with the punches and think on your feet.

Best part of being married:
My best friend and I are officially a family! It doesn't feel much different then before, but it does feel special. Be happy!

4 eyed brides----I see you!

The one thing I worried about the most about besides gaining or losing tons of weight for my dress ---was my spectacles/eyeglasses. It wasn't even an option whether I would rock my glasses --that was like a ABSOLUTE HELL TO THE NAW for me. Not that I hate glasses @ all but after 20+ years of HAVING NO CHOICE of wearing glasses, I exercised my Godgiven right not to go bare-eyed on my wedding day! lol

So I went to my optician and ordered my second pair of contacts( my first was freshman year in highschool - go figure) and went bare-eyed the entire day!
Whew :-) You couldn't tell me I wasn't cute either- I could actually see my own eye makeup! Unfortunately, contacts on a regular basis isn't an option for me because my eyes don't make enough tears to begin with and contacts tend to make it worse. But on that special day, I could see just fine and I was glasses free--- which tickled my fancy!

But to the rest of my four eye friends who are still debating the topic, you CAN still be sexy wearing your glasses on your wedding day, trust me-- Here's proof, no need for Lasik!

For more info on brides with glasses check out the flicker group here http://www.flickr.com/groups/1104327@N20/pool/

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Love is in the details...

There are wedding pictures and then there are wedding MOMENTS captured on film! I mean, when a picture is so wonderful it feels like you are standing right there in enjoying that moment with the couple. That's how this these pictures came out.

For a few years now, I have quietly followed the blog of Atlanta's My True Vision Photography and today I HAD to repost this wedding!! I heart EVERYTHING, I mean every freaking thing this couple had @ their wedding-- no seriously I do ! :-) Kari & Carlton of True Visio -- kudos to you both on a job well done - (Georgia area brides, what are you waiting for?!) Take a look at the wedding I'm drooling over right here!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Real Life Brides With Flavor- The Early Family

Each year, I try to show pics of real life brides & weddings to inspire you on your marriage journey so today marks the start of the 2011 edition of the Real Life Brides With Flavor!

I believe that sometimes a picture can say volumes about a couples love & wedding style and todays highlighted couple truly falls into this category. Say hello to the Early Family!

Their wedding was held in Chicago last year, so they just celebrated their first year of a marriage. I was fortunate enough to be in attendance at their ceremony & the thing I loved the most was just the overall feel of the event- a mix of harlem renaissance vintage/elegance with like a urban hang suite/ modern luxe relaxation too it! Trust me sometimes- its hard to pull off a event that is very elegant and yet not uptight - but they nailed it! Hope you all enjoy the pictures & get inspired!

Bride & Groom Names: Aquinas & Corey Early

Location: Date of wedding: Chicago, May 29, 2010

Wedding Style: A modern theme with vintage hues

My favorite moment: Walking slowly down the aisle, looking straight into my husband's eyes and savoring that moment.

Wedding advice to Brides to Be: Do what I did... Walk slowly down the aisle and look into your hubby-2-be's eyes and truly savor that moment, because the rest of the night goes by in the blink of an eye!!!!

Best part of being married: Learning, loving, adapting, celebrating the highs with my best friend, working through the lows with my best friend, coming home to kisses and hugs and having someone there to cuddle next to at night. There's never a dull moment!