Wednesday, January 28, 2009

DIY Fresh Flower Wedding Bouquets!

Ok as I write this, I knew many of you would say wow...Quiana must have had a change of heart towards having a fresh flower bouquet! And actually I would say no because I love fresh flowers... all types: roses, peonies, lilies and especially gardenias! However, considering my business, I am also a strong supporter of artificial flowers (duh! lol.) I just happen to have a different perspective on weddings in general, because I view them as an investment and some of your wedding decisions should be made with that in mind. Instead of spending 1,500 for flowers that will likely not survive the nights festivities, look into investing your money in artificial flowers that can be used in your home for many years to come!

BUT since I'm so not anti-fresh flowers lol, I wanted to share a pretty cheap way to have your fresh bouquet without the cost. 1-800 flowers, the same company many use to send special occasion florals to coworkers & family, has a great set-up. Many
of the flower arrangements can be repurposed into a bridal bouquet. With a few pretty ribbons, you can have you bouquet for less than $70 dollars. And considering that great price, you'll have more money to invest in your future with your hubby!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cassandra Bromfield, thanks to you...

Have you ever felt like you have enough of the every day hum-drum, ho-hum pace of working a job you really dont care to be at? Im sure many of you have had that feeling at least once or twice in your life. lol :-) Well, I have felt that way, for quite a while now...just because I am a creative person really from the rootie to the tootie and a desk job is not my ideal situation.

So last week I had one of those days again, when i was feeling like I should be creating FULL TIME, thats what Im called to do and then I got a email that surely confirmed what I thought.

The one and only Cassandra Bromfield, THE original designer of African inspired wedding dresses sent me a email. When I saw her name in my inbox I almost fell out on the floor, literally. I have admired her work since I was a child, coloring, cutting & creating new fashions with my moms Essence magazines. And years later, I still have the image of the beautiful black women in the bright yellow wedding dress with all those lovely layers of tulle, archived in my "fabulous fashion moments" section of my head. It was those moments that inspired me to want to get my degree in fashion.

So needless to say I was star one email!. So anyway she asked me to send her a pic of my latest work and she may feature in her blog: So now I'm scrambling to get pictures taken & sent to one of the women who inspired me to be who God made me to be and thats a creative soul.

So THANKS goes again to her for reminding me there are people out here making a living being who they were called to be, and I'll keep you posted on when my wedding bouquets will be featured !!

P.S. To see more of her work:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I really have no words other than I feel so blessed to see this day: The 44th PRESIDENT Barack Obama & his lovely wife, Michelle dancing to one of the most beautiful songs ever made, At Last by Etta James!! I'm so proud to be here and so proud to call the Obamas the first family!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Wed Style...The Glam Bride

The great GLAM bride!! One of my personal wedding style favorites...because it never seems to go out of season. From vintage glam to the modern glam bride its always looks beautiful! A simple way to get the 1940's glam look, think extravagance and glamour. Think about the original divas like Lena Horne, Josephine Baker or Rita Hayworth. Or if you want a more toned down glam look, think all white posh art gallery! lol. White feathers on the shoes, rhinestones in the hair, a little bit of drama in a sexy, modern and GLAMOROUS way!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Check out Chocolate B&B on African-American

Hey all - So you know I'm super excited about my first ever giveaway (see below) and now I'm over here grinning from ear to ear because my bouquet giveaway was featured on the fabulous blog by!

If you haven't had the opportunity to see the site already: it features the latest trends, celeb wedding styles, fashion ideas and many vendor resources that can help plan the big day! So if you looking for a great site that has a little bit of everything for everyone, check them out at

Again thanks to the the lovely Erica, for spreading the word!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Free Bouquet Giveaway!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Did you know that December is traditionally a slow month for weddings, but is by far the most popular month for engagements! And who can blame them,
November though December is the perfect mix of festive celebrations, libations, snuggling weather, family, friends and of course a
whole lot of love.

Over 19 percent of couples become engaged during the holidays. So in honor of all the brides & grooms to be: I am giving away a free bridal bouquet ( $55 value) to a couple who is planning a 09 wedding! Im feeling very generous!

All you need to do is tell us the FUNNY, UNIQUE way you got engaged this past Holiday season!
Enter your TRUE proposal story ( please don't make up something folks) to
along with your contact information. There are also runner up prizes, but the offer ends on Feb 1st.
I will select the lucky winner . I can't wait to see the entries.

Good luck and don't forget to check out !