Friday, August 29, 2008

Wed Style: The first post!

Wedding Style! So now that the wedding season is calming down a bit and I have plenty of of time to create, create , create & write, write, write (at least this blog :-) ) - I thought i would start you of with a few wedding trends that I recently came across that my jaw drop.

The hot new color combo is Silver & Gold!!! Yes i said silver & gold ...but its not what you thinking: A super shiny lame gold mixed with aluminum foil...thats a HOT MESS!!!

Combining these colors have been a fashion faux pas for years but NOW the precious metals are in full effect from everything from invitations, table decor and even the flowers! I'll admit I was very skeptical at first, but I found some examples that have changed my mind. Maybe its all in how you put it together ...

What do you think?

Photo credits:
Dessy Group bridesmaids dress
Wedding cake: Cheryl Kleinman Cakes (718) 237-2271

Friday, August 15, 2008

Welcome ...

All about this blog...

Hi- My name is Quiana and I am the owner & designer of Chocolate Brooms and Bouquets (, a collection of handmade & custom designed wedding items made especially for the unique bride.

I design & create wedding decor & accessories including placecards, bouquets, and cardboxes just to name a few of the many things I love to make. After studying art & design for 20+ years & getting married myself , I decided to launch a wedding business that allow me to create wedding items that will truly reflect the beauty of the couples commitment to each other.

Knowing that there are countless wedding blogs out there- I wanted this blog to be one in a million- offering BOTH wedding style & marriage substance. In a time where there are countless brides-gone-crazy shows, divorce rates being high as can be and wedding cost going through the roof- I thought to myself what happened to being/ acting/speaking/listening/breathing in LOVE. Isn’t that truly what your wedding should be anchored in?

So inside these pages you will find REAL TALK about real love, marriage & of course weddings ­ exactly in that order! On a bi-weekly basis, you can look forward to

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*Saying I Do: Tips, thoughts, and lessons on love and marriage
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*Poetry/ Readings/Quotes on this thang we call l.o.v.e.
*Wedding traditions around the world
*Meet real couples & see their wedding style
** and much more!

I personally want to encourage each one of you to join in the conversation. Subscribe below to leave comments for our guest bloggers, ask questions, send us your thoughts on love, marriage & of course discuss one of my favorite subjects: weddings! Thanks again for your time!