Thursday, April 22, 2010

Death to the Birdcage Veil! Seriously...

As of today, I am REALLY getting tired of birdcage veils. Now, don't give me wrong- I am very aware they look absolutely fabu, modern & vintage all in the same rip (hell i even wore one lol) but now i'm just sick of seeing them.

For almost the past 8 years!- the birdcage veil has been all the rage- ever since the release of the movie "sweet home alabama" reintroduced them to the masses. So it got me to thinking, about bridal headpeices again - what would look fab and totally set you apart from the flock of bird(cage) veils! (lol). Here's my top choices- in no particular order!

Utilize a feather headband (Wendy Louise Designs)...

recreate a vintage look

or a modernly vintage bride (Doir ad campaign)

Wear a lovely bow ...

or a chapeaux (Maggie Mae Designs)

Add a little understated sparkle...

or a lot of sparkle! (Stephanie Browne Couture Jewelry collection)

Be a queen(Wilsdom African Designs)...

Or a Lovebird! (Topsy Turvy Designs)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Love Story, A Bridal Photoshoot!

This past weekend, a few creative geniuses (lol) came together to create something beautiful...a love story!

Many kudos to Tony Smith @ Lovelace Studios, fashion models- Kim Matthews and Max, Couture bridal gown by Kim Coy, Hair by Amber Hart and Makeup by Jill Alise. Oh and me of course, Chocolate B & B!

Check out my facebook profile to see more pictures from the shoot!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Last weekends Bridal Show was great!

I had a ball at the Apostolic wedding fair last weekend- I meet a lot of good people, brides & vendors alike. Here I am at the expo doing what I do best. :-) Pic courtesy of Donald Barge Photography.