Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Work your sexy this weekend !

5 great ways to work your sexy this weekend for Sweetest Day

1) Make a Sweet Breakfast or Lunch - Instead of being extra cautious about your loves health, weight & diet, create a breakfast from the heart ala comfort foods- pancakes, eggs, biscuits & bacon or chicken wings, fries & beer---have their favorite eats prepared. Hopefully you can make them yourself , but if not- be sure to go to their favorite eateries and pick up his favorite dishes. Don't worry the calories will be burned up by the end of the night :-)

2)Pamper - Why not book a massage appt for your mate? or maybe even a couples massage. It's a great way to relax together and enjoy each other in a calm environment. If this is too expensive, you can always administer one at home- a nice massage or foot rub will be appreciated.

3)Shake it fast- the art of the strip tease, lap dance and all around erotic dancing is nothing new- people have being seducing others with their dance skills for thousands of years. If you have trouble getting in the mood, make a CD with all your ahem "stripper hits" on them - you know the ones I'm talking about- the ones you dnace to in the mirror, when you think you got it going on. This time, turns the lights down low and let your partner watch. This will get the nite started.

4)Show your curves- Everyone has that outfit that makes your man or woman say -- daymmmmm!! Make sure you wear it this weekend. Later on in the day do a quick change and surprise them with a new dress, suit or whatever garment you know they will love.

5)Human Candy Bar--
Give them a surprise with a sexy gift of yourself. Select their favorite type of chocolate whether dark, milk or white. Melt and cool until it's spreadable but will not burn your skin. Pour the chocolate over specific parts of your lovers body or cover yourself. Don't forget to lay towels down or everything will be all sticky !

The key is to keep it sexy ALL day no matter what!
Happy sweetest day lovers!

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